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10 Simple Ways to Raise Your Vibration
You know sometimes how your energy feels off? And you don't feel like your flourishing little self everyone knows you for.  Well dear one, we have a few tips to get you back to your high vibe self in absolutely no time. 
Tip 1. Nature - get out amongst the trees, rivers or beaches and bathe in all the goodness it has to offer. 
Tip 2. Gratitude Baby - What are you grateful for? State one thing out loud, or write it down. It will have instant feel good effects. 
Tip 3. Drink good quality, filtered water.
General rule:
Women = 8 cups a day
Men = 10 cups a day
Tip 4. Groove, Dance, Shake. Put some high vibe music on and have yourself a cheeky DANCE!
Check out this FEEL GOOD CLASSICS PLAYLIST for some fun ol' dancin'
5. Meditate - Take some time to be still and be with yourself. Our favourite (free) mediation app is Insight Timer
Tip 6. Spend time with the people and things that light you up!
Tip 7. Clean and refresh your work and home space. Get rid of anything that is not making you feel good. 
Tip 8. Move your body - Exercise will do absolute wonders to raise you up to your feel good level.
Tip 9. Eat the "el naturel" of foods. Treat your body like the temple it is.
Tip 10. SLEEEEEP. Try and make sure you are getting sufficient rest each night, so you can function like an A++ human. 
Thanks for reading! 
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Header Photo credit by  Erik Liljeroth, 1950s

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