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3 body positive Instagrammers you need to follow

We are sharing our 4 FAVOURITE IG accounts that embrace body positivity. These accounts will not only bring joy to your daily scroll, they will also help to reinforce that you my friend are perfect just the way you are. 

These accounts help us realise that everyone is wonderful, beautiful and unique in their own skin! 

HANDY TIP: If any page or any person is making you feel unworthy or you are just fed up with their posts on the gram, it is time to unfollow them #cya. I think a great way we can use social media for good is to only follow people and brands that make us feel good, think in a new way and inspire us on the daily!

1. @namastehannah

Expect: Content about embracing our own uniqueness and celebrating our bodies

2. @celestebarber

Expect: Hilarious representations of celeste putting down her version of the world's most famous models and celebrities. The images she often copies are usually photoshopped making the picture so completely unrealistic.

3. @hi.ur.beautiful

Expect: Regrams of awesome women and men from all over the world that are reminding us that there is no bad way to have a body



Image via pinterest 

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