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3 Ways we can Consume More Consciously

Trying to Live More Consciously

These days, more and more people want greater transparency from businesses, and prefer to buy products that align with their values – whether those are sustainability, fair trade, low waste or gender equality (just to name a few!). This trend can also be seen in the growing ‘conscious consumerism’ movement. 

Being a ‘Conscious Consumer’

So, what does it take to be a ‘conscious consumer’? There is no straightforward answer, and there are a few different interpretations. Often, a ‘conscious consumer’ is perceived as someone who is aware of, or thinks critically about, the impacts of their purchases on society and the environment. 

As it’s grown, the conscious consumer movement has come under a lot of scrutiny. One reason is that it can be extremely difficult to weigh up all of the impacts of a purchase (e.g. is it locally made? does it support gender equality? what type of packaging does it come in? how long is the product designed to last? and so on …)

This can unfortunately lead to people feeling overwhelmed and confused about which option is the “best”. 

Tips for Trying to Live More Consciously

We know that many of our customers are passionate about protecting the environment and interested in supporting brands that share their personal values. Maybe some of you even fall into this ‘overwhelmed and confused’ group. 

It’s important to remember that living more consciously (or however you want to describe it) will look different for everyone - the key is finding what works for you. 

For those of you who are interested in trying to live more consciously, here are our basic tips.

  • Research

  • Whether it’s looking up the labour practices of your favourite clothing brand, or considering which fabrics are going to last longer, doing some research can help you make an informed decision about what products to buy, and what brands to support. 

    There are also online marketplaces that promote ethical fashion labels and categorise them according to their core values (for example, see the Pinky & Kamal products on Well Made Clothes). Shopping on these marketplaces can be a fast way to find brands that share your values. 

  • Limit Your Purchases to What you Love and Need

  • One strategy for living more consciously is to only buy things that you love and need. Sounds simple, right? But in today’s society, where fast fashion is rife and the variety of products available at lower prices is greater than ever, it’s difficult not to get swept up in the mentality of buying more just for the sake of it.

    Try to buy things that you need, that you love, and that make you feel good. Because (and this goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway), you DESERVE to feel good! 

  • Be Kind to Yourself

  • We think this is always a good reminder, no matter what the context – but do remember to be kind to yourself when navigating this. As we said above, there is no straightforward answer, and at times the ‘right’ or ‘best’ option will not be entirely clear. Actively turning your mind to this topic and thinking mindfully about the impacts of your purchases is a great place to start.  

    By Greta W

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