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4 Steps To Find Your Inner Wild Woman

"Wolves and women both have much in common. Both share a wild spirit. Women and wolves are instinctual creatures, able to sense the unseen. They are loyal, protective of their packs and of their pups. They are wild and beautiful. Both have been hunted and captured. Even in captivity, one can see in the eyes of a woman, or a wolf, the longing to run free, and the determination that should the opportunity arise, whoosh they will be gone..."

Clarisa Pinkola Estes from 'The Women Who Run With Wolves'

We speak to Denise Battony, who has devoted much of her time and energy into learning how to cultivate that wild woman within and bring her back into our lives. 

She shares her findings and teaches you four ways to find your very own wild woman within. 

Who is the Inner Wild Woman, Do we all have one?

Yes! Of course, we all have her ~ The Inner Wild Woman is our intuition, Our primal nature & our innate ability to heal, create & birth magic into the world.

How do we find our inner wild woman? where does she hide? where will she come out? 

This Looks differently for every Woman but it is important to tune into our intuition and re-enter conversation with her daily. The quickest route to this is by regularly pursuing what makes you feel alive + connected ~ be it creating art, journaling, being alone in nature, making healing herbal tea brews etc. Living more from the body/spirit than the mind.

How do we live in alignment with our inner wild woman?

By re-connecting to spirit, allowing guidance from the movements of nature and also tuning back into, and honouring our own cyclical nature. Living fearlessly in the direction of our own truth. Honouring our gut feelings, our yearnings & our wildest dreams.

What can we gain from living more through our inner wild woman?

This looks like living a life full of vibrance, purpose + sensuality. A deep trust & connection to our intuitive nature and unique gifts.


4 steps on finding your inner wild woman

1. Journaling is a big one for me and has been since I was a little girl! My journal is a safe place where I can really drop into conversation with Mother Source and my own intuition. I learn a lot about what's going on deep in my psyche & feel like I’m communicating directly with the most uncensored & wildest part of my being.

2. Being in Nature and being sure to carve out time every day to truly feel the elements and feel connected to Mumma Nature. We can be so cut off in the winter months as we try to stay warm indoors but a big ol’ breath of fresh air & the winter sun on the face can be incredibly healing. 

3. Moon Gazing this is been unexpectedly significant for me as began to recently heal some minor issues with my cycle. Such a simple but incredibly powerful practice is to take the time a few nights a week to get outside and actually gaze up at the moon, notice its texture, colour & shape. The moon is powerful enough to manipulate tides and oceans, we’d be silly to think it had no direct effect on us, as we are made up of at least 60% water.  

4. Fall in love with nourishing yourself get back into the kitchen a couple of times a week and surround yourself with herbs and spices, start cutting, rolling & measuring things by hand again. This is an ancient part of our lineage as Women that we have become incredibly cut off from as we’ve become busy, overworked and we have less time to prepare our food. We often use shortcuts and electronics, or order take away food but there is powerful medicine in taking to mortar and pestle and grinding our spices by hand, preparing our food with care, love & good intentions.  


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