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5 Reasons to Wear All Natural

Hey friends,

You're probably wondering why we have chosen to shape our brand around using natural fibres over synthetic fibres…

Well, here it is, the story.

We will also share with you the 5 major benefits of wearing natural fabrics and why we LOVE them so much!

Have you ever put a garment on and thought, oh man, I love this but I simply cannot wear this all day, it is so uncomfortable and just does not feel right against my skin. How am I supposed to do 20 burpees or chaturangas in this? Or maybe you put on activewear that just does not seem to complement, support or suit you in the all the right places.

Pk is here to change your views on looking beautiful, feeling breathable and staying comfortable.

The seed for ‘Pinky and Kamal’ was planted when I embarked on a trip through India. I began to really get into yoga and was pleased with my new found hobby. One day whilst in one of the sleepy towns of Goa, I stumbled across a pair of cotton shorts and cotton leggings, and thought they would be great for yoga, and boy was I right. I wore them for three months non stop sun saluting my way through India and Bangladesh.

When I returned home ready to sign up to a studio and jump straight into the practice, I went shopping to try and find some yoga gear similar to the items I had recently purchased in India, and to my surprise, I found nothing that was made from natural fabrics. All I found were man-made, generic styles and synthetic fibres that felt tight, restricting and not comfortable at all.

I  then went online to look for something more natural, and after finding a few items I was disappointed with the design and aesthetic of the garments.

After being frustrated with the variety that was offered in stores and online I decided with my background in design I will start the venture of ‘Pinky and Kamal’, a natural movement label designed for comfort!

5 Reasons to Wear Natural Fabrics

1. Moisture Control + Breathability

Natural fabrics are hella absorbent and moisture wicking; The fabric will absorb liquid between the clothing you wear and your skin, keeping you feeling clean and dry!  Natural fibres tend to breathe unbelievably well, which is why wearing these fabrics will leave you feeling cool and refreshed even on the hottest of days.

2. Comfortable

Natural fabrics such as cotton and bamboo are the most comfortable of them all! The fibres are soft and stretch easily, which allows the fabric to feel super soft against the skin.

3. Durability

Natural clothing is a great investment! Natural fibres tend to hold up longer than synthetic fibres due to their high tensile strength, which means that you will be buying fewer items more often, as they will be lasting you a long time!

4. Anti Fungal

Natural fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, hemp, silk and linen all have unique antibacterial properties, which helps the fabric be naturally hypoallergenic, anti-fungal and odour resistant. Natural fabrics can also be great for anyone who has sensitive skin or allergies.

5. Can be a more sustainable option

Many natural fabrics come from trees and plants that are able to be replaced, regrown and raised again and again. If the Garment is made from 100% natural fabric, this means they may be biodegradable or compostable, and could easily be reused and recycled over time!!

- Organic Natural fabrics are the best option! (We have another blog post on this)

So, there you have it.

These are our top 5 reasons why Pinky and Kamal is all about the al naturelle!


Thanks for listening folks and lots of love to you!


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