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How to create your own perfect daily practice

Here at PK we are such major fans of implementing some sort of daily practice in order to make life a whole lot richer. 

To be able to devote a certain amount of time each day to daily practice is a beautiful act of self-care, which can help fulfil you on a mind, body and spirit level.

Below we share with you our ‘why’ for creating a daily practice, and how you can find and implement your own.

Maybe deep within your bones, you have had a strong feeling that implementing a consistent daily practice is the way that will make your soul sing and help you feel brightest throughout your day. It may look different for each individual, but it could be something like yoga, meditation, art, music or a form of movement that can connect you back into your body, mind and breath. 

Daily practice is something you keep coming back to no matter what, day after day, month after month. Why? There is an abundance of research to back up that implementing a daily practice not only helps with your focus but keeps you more motived and positive for the day ahead. It will make you more resistant to life’s up and downs and allow you to create stronger coping mechanisms to issues that may arise within your life. 

Here are some ways to help get you started and stick to a daily practise personally suited for you!


1. Know your 'why' then set your plan of attack

Why do you want to do this? What feelings/sensations do you want to receive from completing this daily practice? Will it feed your body/creativity/mind/soul? Are there specific benefits you are seeking from this?

2.  Find the right time

When do you want to have this practice? In the morning as soon as you rise? Or, in the evening? What feels right for you and how do you see it fitting into your life successfully?

How much time do you want to put into this practice? 10, 30, 60 mins? Ensure to make it a realistic time for you and your life.

E.g. "Every morning at 6-6: 30 am I will practise my meditation and manifestation setting. This will be a non-negotiable because I know how damn good it is for my personal health and wellbeing, and how much it impacts the rest of my day in a positive way."


3.  Make it a piece of cake!

If you have decided to commit to a morning practice, make it as seamless as possible, have everything mapped out, so all you have to do is wake up and be ready to dive right into practice.

E.g. "For my meditation and manifestation practise, everything will be set up and ready before bed; my meditation pillow is out, I have matches to light my candle, and blankets and journal are set up." This will help eliminate your excuses for this part of your morning.


4.   Reward yourself 

This is an amazing thing you are about to embark on! Make sure to give yourself some positive reinforcement, whether it is a nice warming cup of cacao after your class or a nourishing brekky. We want to pursue our daily practice at least 5 times a week, so on the days where you are not practising, let yourself rest and enjoy the time off.


5.   Take note of your progress

Take note of how you feel before you embark on your daily practice. Be mindful of any changes that may occur to the body, mind or soul within the first few weeks, and keep monitoring it as your practice goes on. See how your mood, energy and joy is throughout the day and whether your daily practice has had a wonderful effect on you.

Remember that doing something like this is such a beautiful thing. I believe it is a good idea to stay in tune with how you are feeling too. This doesn’t mean if you are feeling lousy then don’t practise, it may mean you could change it up from what you normally do and alter it to something else. E.g. Instead of a vinyasa yoga maybe you could swap to a yin yoga. Or, instead of a guided meditation maybe you try a silent meditation. Notice and feel into what your soul needs that day, then try and cater to that. We want to remain with the daily practise for at least five days a week to reap the benefits, but remember you are human and sometimes life can get in the way. So don't beat yourself up if you miss a day.

LAST TIP: Don’t take it too seriously, have fun with it, let it be light. Not strict, boring, and scary. Move with it, grow with it and be with it in as much presence as possible.

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