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How Aussies are wearing their activewear

It is definitely no secret that these days, activewear isn't just being worn for getting active in. Many of us put our favourite pair of leggings on for many other reasons that don't always include jogging around the block. I bet it doesn't surprise you to hear that many Australians are wearing their activewear as a no.1 dress code of choice for their everyday living all.of.the.time.

A study that was conducted last year by Chobani through OmniPoll surveyed 1237 Aussies during COVID and here is what they found:

  • 82% of Australians under 60 wear active wear either for exercise, at home or as casual wear.
  • 78% of people reported that they had worn active wear as casual wear when they were out and aboutAround
  • 40% of people reported wearing activewear most days, if not every daySince COVID hit,
  • 38% of respondents report wearing active wear more often than previouslyAustralians wear their active wear around the house more often than wearing it for exercise or being out and about

Well...We are glad that we are not the only ones living in our activewear all day every day!

This study made us rather happy because it emphasised how much people are not only wearing but LIVING in their activewear pieces.

It has shown us how important it is for us to create clothing that people can live and move in all day every day, in ultimate comfort and style.

At Pinky & Kamal we want to consciously create clothing that evokes the senses, inspires movement and encourages us to feel comfortable in our body and cool in our own vibe. We want to bring you pieces that you are excited about putting on every day.

It is important for us to use planet friendly and sustainable practices throughout the business that help to support the people and the environments that are involved in constructing each garment.

We humans live by our senses, why not celebrate that and wear clothing that enhances them.

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