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Mantra 01: Go Slowly


MANTRA 01: Go Slowly 

8 ways to incorperate a slow and steady pace into your daily life. 




  1. 1.
    moving or operating, or designed to do so, only at a low speed; not quick or fast.

Something that may not come easily to all of us, 
when the word “slow” comes to mind many of us may think, not getting things done in time, less productive and maybe a bit lazy. 
But in fact my friend there is a slow movement that has been arising and it is about ‘Slowing down to speed up’. 
Let's think about it for a sec, if you are on the go with a bunch of different things you are doing at the one time, how effective do you think you will be at achieving them all?
Will you be giving each thing you are doing your complete and utmost attention, time and effort? 
This is a big NO! Your mind will be in 10 different places at the one time, in turn, You will probably be feeling more frazzled, less focused and a wee bit energetically deflated, not really 100% enjoying the true moment and task at hand. 
So, we have put together a bunch of ways and ideas to help you stay focused, calm, collected and present throughout your day. Enjoy. 

8 Ways to incorporate a slow and steady pace into your daily life:

  1.  Set your alarm 15 mins earlier so that you can not feel rushed as you get up. 
  2. Organise your day the evening before, ie. clothing, food, bag etc. 
  3. Write lists and tick off as you complete one by one, giving each task your full attention and presence. 
  4. If you are needing to really focus; stay away from your phone, or turn off your notifications, so they don’t keep annoying you and swaying your attention elsewhere.
  5. Get some kick-ass music to help you find the beauty in each thing you do. 
  6. When you find yourself running around like a crazy person repeat the mantra!! ‘Go slowly’ 
  7. When you get home from a day of working, take time to make your favourite brew sit down to take 5 or 10. 
  8. Enjoy the time you are taking to really give your tasks 100% of your energy! What a great thing!

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