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Mantra "I am" [coming back to the true you]

‘I am’ has been used as a mantra for hundreds of years as a tool for you to connect with your deeper self and find your own sense of truth.

From all the external stimuli in our daily environment, it can be so damn easy to get caught up in what others are doing and act how others are acting. Before you know it, and without notice, this may shape you into someone that just does not feel like the true you.

Through this simple and easy mantra, we are encouraging you to come back to the one and only, you. Take a moment to be with little old you, focus on you, and embrace the true you, whoever that ray of sunshine may be hiding.

How to practice:

Take 3 deep breaths into the belly through the nostrils and allow the breath to flow out through the mouth or nose slowly and steadily.

Repeat to yourself 5 or more times in your head or out loud...

"I" on your inhale

"am" on your exhale

After repeating take a moment to sit and notice any feelings or sensation running through your body, then let yourself come back to the space around you. 

2 things this mantra is key for:

1. Become a more positive & joyful you

2. A reminder to come back to your confident, bright and unique as hell individual self.

This mantra is super duper effective in creating the positive vibes in the mind, body and soul. Just by repeating the mantra “I am” several times either out loud or in your head, will allow you to feel your empowered and strong self coming through, letting any worries or self-doubts be pushed to the back of the mind, allowing space for a more confident and joyful you.

Take it with you:

The absolute beauty about this practice is that; Where ever you may be going or whatever you may be doing you can bring this mantra with you. So keep this one close to your heart and let it help you whenever you feel you need it. Give your self at least 2 mins and come out feeling flipped fantastic.


We will be releasing an ‘I am’ email series which will provide you with some super great tools on how to live and come back to your true nature and live the greatest, most authentic life you possibly can.

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