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Pinky & Kamal’s guide to a more mindful Christmas.

The Christmas countdown has officially begun! Yikes.. How did that happen!? If we have the privilege to do so, choosing to engage in a more mindful and sustainable Christmas is our responsibility and while it may take more time and preparation overall, the planet will love you a whole lot more for doing so and you’ll feel very proud of yourself when it’s all over, that’s a PK verified fact! 

  1. Shop small business.
    First and foremost, consider doing your Christmas shopping with small businesses this year! Rather than contributing to big corporations and inadvertently funding investments that you may not even necessarily agree with, support the small businesses you know and love! This investment will go directly to the creator and their family and can make such a big impact on their lives and, most importantly, support them as they continue to create magic for us! 
  1. Give the gift of experience.
    Consider sharing an experience over a physical gift this Christmas! Buy tickets to an event, plan a date, book a dinner at their favourite restaurant. Some other incredible gift options we are exploring this year are to pay to offset a portion of someones carbon footprint, buying a subscription to a wildlife conservation or to plant trees. Additionally, on the receiving end, for anyone who insists on buying me a gift this year, I’m asking they make donation to my preferred charity. 

  2. Get crafty.
    Explore hand-making your chrissy cards, gifts and up-cycle your gift wrapping! There are so many great ways to get crafty over the holidays, if you have the time and energy! Plan a cooking day with your family or housemates and make chutney, herb infused oils or jams. Have you got a skill or hobby you could hone in on? i.e you could crochet a hat, knit a vest or even make a Christmas decoration for their tree!

  3. Go vintage, go treasure hunting.
    I have a big family, with MANY kids and so I often opt for a second hand Christmas! I like to do my Christmas shopping for the kids at the local charity shop or family owned book stores, its really fun for me..it’s like a treasure hunt! I’m always blown away by the incredible selection of secondhand books I can find that often times look and feel brand new! The bonus is that I always find some vintage goodies for myself and my friends too.
  4. Be a conscious host & don’t forget your totes.
    If you’re hosting (lucky you).. perhaps ask for a small monetary contribution from all guests so that you can spend the extra few bucks to replace all dinner wear, paper towels, straws, etc with reusable, recycled and natural materials, like bamboo napkins and straws, for example!Also, note to self and everyones else: try to remember to fill your car with all of your reusable totes for Christmas and grocery shopping! I know plastic bags are widely banned across Australia already but avoid buying more unnecessary reusable totes (when you already have a whole cupboard full at home! ..guilty)


Most importantly, we urge you to remember what is important during this time (hint: It’s not the gifts).. it is quality time spent with loved ones. Remember that any gift being un-thoughtfully purchased for the sake of it (i.e. quick, cheap, plastic crap that may just end up in landfill) then respectfully tap out of the gift giving part of the holiday, it’s okay to do so! Explore one of these beautiful alternatives and simply do your best to show up with unwavering presence and a full heart—that’s the best gift of all. 

We’re wishing you sweet, sun-soaked and love filled holidays ahead.
With love, PK HQ. 

                 Written by Denise Battany.

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