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Plastic Free July...We Challenge You..

Perfection is not what we are looking for here, we are looking to create small steps which will eventually make a big change. 

How can you make these small steps in your life, right now, to help with the bigger picture? 

Many people get influenced by others, or maybe it is a personal voice from within telling you to wake up and do your part.

Either way, we need your help and know we can count on you to do it. 

We are sharing some fab tips from the "Plastic Free July" challenge, to help you implement these into your daily life for the month of July. You may see how easy they are and decide to 'keep on keeping on' with it. 

4 tips to help you use less plastic... Enjoy!

1. The Bin

1. a) Try and use compostable bin liners over generic bin liners (most supermarkets have these).

1. b) Get to know exactly what and how you can recycle in your local area.

1. c) Recycle your soft plastics - Usually, your local supermarket will have a soft plastic recycling bin, where you can deposit your soft plastics. In general, see if you can buy things that are not wrapped in plastic. e.g. instead of that $5 plastic woolies spinach bag, opt for the loose leaf spinach, because you will not only be saving the planet, but you will be saving your pennies too (it's waaay cheaper). 

2. Abort the cling wrap

2 a) Use reusable containers, reusable jars, or even better head to your local op shop and purchase some pre-loved containers.

2 b) Try beeswax wraps, which you can buy at any health food store or even get a little creative and make your own. These are fantastic as a substitute for cling wrap. Basically anything you cling wrapped before, you can beeswax wrap instead. Natural fabric veggie bags are also a great option to store your fresh produce, as you can wash these time and time again.

3. Take Away:

Keep 1-2 containers/glass jars in your car and at your desk at all times, just in case you are ordering take away food, bring that little bad boy with you instead of getting the cafe to put it in a disposable takeaway container. The same goes for your coffee. Keep that darn keep cup on your persons at all times!

4. Become the badass recycling waste reducing police amongst your household:

Any time someone puts something in the bin, you're watching... any time someone comes home with fresh plastic covered goods, you're watching... any time someone brings home their take away coffee or food, you're there, watching.

There are so many other incredible things you can do to stay on top of your "Plastic Free July game," but these tips are a good start! I guarantee that once you start implementing these tips, it will feel so good you will not want to stop. Others will pick up on how savvy you are being with your plastic reduction they will want to jump on board too. Feel free to boost your little heart out on this topic, the more talk of the plastic crisis the better. The more it is in the front of people's minds, the absolute BETTER! 

Head to www.plasticfreejuly.com to accept the challenge, and please spread the word and tell all your pals to get on board. 

How Pinky and Kamal aims to use less plastic:

In general, it is one of our top values to reduce our environmental footprint, through the whole supply chain process. Plastic is one thing we can control quite well within our business, and luckily there are some great tools to help us make this possible. We are not 100% plastic free, but we definitely hope to be within the next year. 

We use compostable postage bags! We use these to send all customer orders. We also use compostable postage bags for all our samples and stock, to ensure no single-use plastic is used on the production side of things. All our paper and cards are used from recyclable paper too! 

We use over 90% of natural materials in our garments, with our aim for all of these materials to be made from organic/sustainable fibres by the end of this year. 

Creating a small fashion label is something that takes time, however, we are passionate about being a fully sustainable brand and we are on our way to getting there. We love keeping you updated with our journey and can't wait to continue to share what's in store from here on. 

Check out some of our natural activewear by shopping here. 

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