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Stay inspired this winter

We are sharing 4 of our favourite ways to feel your most radiant self in winter. Get inspired through the cooler months with these practices!

1. Try and catch the sun! Or even just get outside. Research shows that getting outside and exposing ourselves to them sweet rays for 10-15 Minutes a day (preferably in the morning) will improve our mood, sleep, lower blood pressure + More more more

2. Get vitamine D’d. We get 90% of our Vitamin D from the sun, and because we tend to spend more of our time huddled inside than we do frollicking outside, many of us can become deficient. Vit D helps to fight illness and helps with 100+ other things including mood and gut. You can find Vitamin D in foods such as: Spinach, Kale, White Beans, Oats, Salmon and Sardines.

A Vitamin D spray or capsule can also be a great idea. Talk to your health professional on the proper dosage and if it is right for you. Detoxify your space. It is time to go… NOW! everything that is no longer serving you in your physical space needs to be cleared. 

Detoxifying your space, is going to help with so many things, firstly, making physical space allows you to also create energetic space. Take a look around or have a think of the items in your house, and in your wardrobe. Have you been holding onto items/things for way too long, that just store dust or clog the area? Have you been wearing clothing that does not make you feel good? Or put you in a low energy frequency?
It is true! This stuff really makes a difference to your mood! So we say. Detox, and let go of anything that does not make you feel good. Create more space, and allow that space to bring in more goodness to you and your life. Allow there to be space in your life for new inspiration to come through!
4. Gratitude Journal - Like me, you have probably heard of a ‘gratitude journal’ over the years. I have dabbled in saying a gratitude prayer after my yoga practice sometimes and taken moments at the end of my meditation, but it wasn't until I recently came through some personal stress and anxiety that my sister suggested I do the journalling. 

Step 1: Each day, morning or night, take 5-10 mins journaling 10 x things you are grateful for. TIP: These can be as little as the conversation that started your day off well with your barista, or the flowers you saw on your morning walk. Write about anything that warms your heart.

Step 2: Journal 5 goals/manifestations that have not yet happened, but that you are moving towards. Take moments to feel into the sensations of how that makes you feel when writing these down.

This practice is an actual energy shifter. It can take you from a low state to a higher state almost instantly. We are obsessed with this right now.


We hope you enjoy!


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Artwork by Rokas Aleliūnas

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