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4 Tips on Raising Your Vibration

We all know what it feels like to be in our “Flow” state, feeling on top of the world, breezy and light in our thoughts and in sync with the ourselves and the world around. 

In opposition we all definitely know them times when our energy feels low, we are grumpy, tired, not present and just generally feel crap. 

Well… we are here to show you 4 rad ways to bring that skip back into your step on a more consistent daily basis.  

1. BE KIND - To yourself and others

A definite mood blocker is when we begin to judge ourselves and others wayyyy too harshly. This is a sign of low self worth, and can get us down and feeling as sour as a lemon. 


  • DO NOT engage in gossip or negative talk of others. Be the bigger person and if you have a problem converse with them directly. Backstabbing aint no one's friend. Ever. 
  • CATCH YOURSELF when you are in negative self talk and automatically switch it over to loving and caring words. Continue this process as much as you notice it! 

  • 2. Explore and live your PASSIONS

    Life is 10000% times better when you are partaking in things you genuinely love doing. Raise them vibes up by making time for the things that make your heart and soul sing.

    3. LAUGHTER + FUN 

    How can you bring out your inner child in your day to day? How can you become more playful in our movements and thoughts? There is soooo much research out there that show that laughter really is the best medicine. Watch your vibrations instantly lift. 


    • Become playful in your ways, joke, laugh, sing, dance and don’t take yourself too seriously.

    4. Meditate on the reg. 

    Getting super present and turning inward for 5-20 mins a day is such a glorious way to bring the energy levels up, ground you, calm you and allow you to think more clearly and level headed throughout your day. Try the ‘Insight Timer’ app to help get you on your merry way

    We hope you love these tips. Share them. Try them out and let us know what you think!

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