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Morning Gratitude Prayer

We will share with you a special prayer that will plant connection, trust and love within oneself, to set you up for a truly wonderful day ahead.

This prayer will help you to:

  • Open your heart to this day
  • Feel grateful for all that you are and all that you have
  • Connect with your soul and trust that you are exactly where you need to be right now
  • Begin to feel at ease with some of your current concerns


[Put one hand on your heart and repeat]

‘I give thanks for the abundance of grace available for all beings. I open my heart to let go of diminishing beliefs and interpretations of events. I no longer carry fear in my heart. My heart is filled with trust and peace. I give thanks to divine intervention, innovation and blessing on behalf of all beings, in all matters of concern. Great spirit of love, please guide assist and protect each one of us in all worldly matters.’

Written by Alana Fairchild in ‘Earth Warriors Oracle’

Image of Lauren Cuthbert @lovefromlauren Wearing the 'Benny Set' in Teal 

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