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Understanding your cycles

Understanding Our Cycles with Rosie Lane

Why is it important to understand our cycles?

I believe it is so important to begin the journey of learning about our cycles because understanding them gives us the ability to nourish and nurture our body from an empowered space. Understanding our own unique cycles invites us to embrace our femininity, and love each phase. 

How will understanding our cycles improve our understanding of ourselves?

To understand the highs and lows of our hormones, the length of our cycle and what each phase feels like for our energy levels, mental clarity and emotional stability give us such a deeper understanding of our emotions, and what we need in each phase. 
By understanding where we are in our cycle, how to nurture that energy, and when to step into creativity, action, reflection and deep rest, not only can we let go of feeling out of control or like we are on an emotional roller coaster, but can also channel these energies to be able to create more freely, to move in a way that feels like a dance, to work and apply more focused attention, and to reflect and be in touch with our emotions. 

What is your favourite phase of your monthly cycle and why?

My favourite phase of my cycle is the follicular phase (from the first day after bleeding ends until ovulation occurs). This phase is the ‘springtime’ of our cycle, and where we can channel creativity and focus to brainstorm what we want to manifest and step out of our comfort zone. For me this phase feels inspired, free, and like there is endless possibilities. In this phase my movement practice becomes more energetic after spending menstrual phase nurturing my body and reflecting.  

How can we honour each phase of our cycle?

In order to honour each phase of our cycle, we need to explore what our cycle looks like, and start to identify these phases and how we feel within them. To be attentive and listen to what your body is asking for, and be intentional with the way that you are showing up can change so much of your experience. 
If you can relate the phases of your cycle to the seasons, try and embody and embrace these seasons as you go through them. Winter being our menstrual phase, when we can go inward, nourish our body, and let ourselves rest; spring being our follicular phase, where creativity and planning can be embraced; summer being our ovulatory phase, we can take action on our plans and creative endeavours with confidence, and communicate with magnetic energy; and lastly, autumn being our luteal phase, we prepare to go inward as our energy levels begin to drop, finishing chores, and starting to slow down. 

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