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Why we choose the 'certified' natural and sustainable fabrics
At Pinky and Kamal, we’re in the business of creating comfortable and stylish clothing that is natural and sustainable. Unlike many mainstream activewear brands that heavily rely on synthetic fibres (e.g. nylon, spandex or polyester), our pieces are mostly made from organic cotton, a blend of organic cotton/hemp, or bamboo. 

There are many reasons why we prefer using these natural fibres. For starters, they can be more breathable and comfortable than synthetic fabrics. We want you to feel great wearing our clothing, whether you’re rocking a lotus position, running after the dog, or enjoying some much-needed R&R on the couch (popcorn, anyone?). Natural fibres can also have a lower environmental impact than synthetic fibres. See our previous article here, which talks more about the benefits of natural fabrics. 

Importantly, we use fabrics that have been certified in accordance with leading global standards. This means that we use Global Organic Textile Standard (or “GOTS” for short) certified organic cotton, as well as bamboo fabric with an OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification.  

Why buy GOTS-certified products?

To obtain a GOTS certification, a company must satisfy strict environmental and social criteria. So, why buy products made with GOTS-certified organic cotton, instead of conventional cotton? 

With GOTS-certified organic cotton, hazardous pesticides are banned, ensuring safer conditions for growers. The farming process uses less energy and water, and produces up to 94% less greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, factories are regularly inspected and must meet strict social criteria (e.g. ethical treatment of workers, no forced or child labour). Finally, the clothing items cannot contain any allergenic, carcinogenic, or toxic chemical residues – so you can be confident in the quality and safety of the garments!

In contrast, conventional cotton production can release high levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and relies on insecticides and pesticides which can endanger human health and the environment. The use of toxic dyes can also cause pollution and potentially irritate the purchaser’s skin. 

Want to learn more about why organic cotton is the preferred sustainable alternative to conventional cotton? See Good On You’s “Quick Guide to Organic Cotton”. 

Why buy OEKO-TEX ® STANDARD 100 certified products?

If a clothing item has received an OEKO-TEX ® STANDARD 100 certification, it means that every single component of the item (including any lining, zipper, and button) has been tested for harmful substances. As a consumer, you can be confident that a product carrying the STANDARD 100 label is harmless to human health.  

Using GOTS and OEKO-TEX ® certified fabrics helps our mission of being an environmentally and socially responsible small business, and ensures we are living up to our values. 

Want to know more? Visit the GOTS or OEKO-TEX ® websites, or shoot us a question at info@pinkyandkamal.com and we’ll get back to you.

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Written by Greta W.

Photograph by Natalie Allen

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