Zero Waste Program - R.O.L.E Foundation

$1 from each purchase made via our online store will go to R.O.L.E Foundation (River, Ocean, Land and Ecology)

We feel blessed and very lucky to be able to connect, create and work with the beautiful people of the Indonesian community. 

If this beautiful country is able to assist Pinky and Kamal with great quality products we feel it is only right that we give something back to the community. 

R.O.L.E Foundation assists with many environmental and social projects that truly align with Pinky and Kamal's values. We are thrilled to be supporting such a great foundation and hope that our contribution from each sale will make a difference for Indonesia and its people. 

R.O.L.E Foundation Mission:

  • Inspire the local government to incorporate the “Zero Waste to Ocean” waste management into their process that waste is recycled or upcycled on site.
  • Grow children and local communities into ‘Zero Waste’ believers and doers
  • Promote sustainable jobs and businesses that do not harm any of our natural resources, such as organic cotton and natural dye weaving, permaculture farming and soap recycling.
  • Regain skills in Zero Waste to Oceans Small Business, Governance, Health and Diet, Youth Skills, Women’s Promotion, with Skills + Business Training
  • Join like-minded NGO, organizations, groups and individuals in this massive struggle for a healthy sustainable balance waste-free life.

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