Hey, my name is Nat, I am the creator of Pinky & Kamal and I would love to Introduce my Label to you.

Below I have written in detail about what we create, where we create and how we give back. 

About us and what we create

Pinky & Kamal is based on creating insanely comfortable and sustainable threads for women who enjoy moving freely, living simply and staying comfortable. 

We specialise in activewear made from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified Organic Cotton and other certified NATURAL fabrics that are sustainably produced.

We decided to go down the path of natural activewear because personally, we loved to practice/move and live-in natural fibres over 100% synthetic fibres. Using sustainable natural fabrics was a top priority for us, and is what drives us when designing and bringing to life our products. We find these fabrics provide all-day-long comfort and support without feeling restricted in any way. Breathing with you throughout your day and practice.

Our styles are simple, yet flattering and suit women of all shapes and sizes. 

Where we make our threads

Our clothes are designed in Melbourne, and they are made in Bali, Indonesia. 

We work with 3 crucial people within the brand over in Indonesia. Yuke, Ismail and Bayu. 

Yuke is our incredible production manager. She is an entrepreneur, with her own business helping to organise and manage brands and their production. She is not only a great friend but a vital player in allowing PK to run.  

Ismail creates our patterns; grades/cuts/sew our threads and has a small team who helps to assist him. We also work with a local pattern maker and grader in Melbourne if we are creating a completely new product and want to speed up the process of sampling and to avoid shipping back and forth. When the design is just right, then we will send it over to Bali. 

Bayu is our dye man, who hand dyes, tie-dyes and screen prints the fabric. He is also super amazing. 

Each of them chooses their own pricing and payment terms, and we cooperate with them on this. 

We really enjoy working with these folks, as they all run their own small businesses and work for themselves. We hope as we grow, we can help them become certified fair trade, but for now, we know they are being paid above the average work wage for their field in Indonesia, and work in good work conditions. We are proud and happy to support them.

What our threads are predominantly made of:

Our products are predominantly made of Certified GOTS organic cotton with a 10% elastane for the stretch. 

Currently, this is our main fabric for the activewear, but we also dabble in Organic hemp and bamboo fabric. We ensure that when we use the bamboo fabric, that it is sustainably and ethically sourced. 

Currently, the batch of GOTS organic cotton we used in our most recent collection, has been grown, harvested and manufactured in Pakistan, then is sent over to Bali, Indonesia. We have the certification and details to ensure that this fabric has been made in conjunction with the environmental and ethical standards with the GOT standard.

Who we work with to give back:

We work with a couple of community initiatives. Firstly, we love to work with other women, that is why we LOVE having Yuke as our main lady! She is seriously amazing. We always support each of the amazing people who work with us in a friendly, supportive and encouraging manner. 


  1. Each sale made, we plant one tree through @onetreeplanted. These trees are planted in parts of the world that need it the most. They also give you the option to choose where you would like the trees to be planted with your donation. We have helped to plant trees in the bush fire torn parts of Australia, and currently, we are planting trees in Asia, this includes Indonesia, India, Australia and the Philippines. We choose Asia because that is where the fabric we source is being grown, and where our production takes places. It only feels right to give back to these environments. 


  1. We also have teamed with YesQueen™. They help to tackle workplace bullying and provide brands and companies with tools to help them ensure that each employer/worker is being heard and treated fairly. They are doing amazing things. One of our T-shirts also gives 25% of sales to them. We are also super proud to be supporting them.