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 A New Era, NO.05 Inspired By Nature
We took our latest campaign to the Girraween National Park, a place that both grounded and inspired us as we set out to tell the story of A New Era, inspired by nature. ‘Girraween’, to the Traditional Custodians of the land, means ‘place of flowers.’ It is here, surrounded by eucalypt forests, unimaginably-balanced boulders, fresh cascades and as the name illustrates, a delightful display of native wildflowers that we welcome A New Era.
The great writer and mythologist, Joseph Campbell, used to lecture about the importance of finding ourselves in wide open spaces and under an open dome of sky daily, to ensure a connected and creative life. Similarly, we hope our latest collection highlights the importance of finding yourself in these spaces regularly. 
This New Era of elevated active and leisure is inspired by the landscape of the Australian Bush, an earthy palette through a retro lens, curated for a seamless transition between mid-morning meetings and all your outdoorsy pleasures. 
The overall intention and design of each piece relates to the nostalgia we feel when reminiscing on rare simple moments in nature; overriding the constant binging of our devices and an overflowing calendar—times of genuine connection, country, and community.
Each piece is intended to both inspire movement and ignite confidence, fusing a daily connection that represents our commitment to both self and community.
At PK HQ we are a team of creatives, entrepreneurs, outdoor enthusiasts and globe trotters. We’re no strangers to the ever evolving lifestyle, thus, we truely value the importance of creating pieces that uphold a sense of functionality and style, no matter where you are, what your daily dairy, outdoor activities and simple pleasures.
Our mission has always been to be a means of support and inspiration as you create a healthy long-term relationship with self and, your community. 
We understand that this relationship is vast and different for every woman, so with each collection released we put our ears to the ground and listen. We ensure to diligently and accurately collect your feedback, as a result our new collection is carefully curated with you in mind.
We aim to include a piece for each and every one of you whilst upholding our founding promise to keep the active scene fun, interesting and inspiring.
With each new collection, we ensure that our pieces engage in the conversation of sustainability and, a better future. As our small business evolves, so too does our positive impact and aspirations. We aim to always do our best and seize every opportunity to do better.
Our mission is to recognise and give back to culture, community & Mother Earth. As of 2021, we have been in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, a non-profit organisation which fights deforestation and extreme poverty, by hiring local people in impoverished regions to grow, plant and protect trees native to the area. With every purchase we invite you into the conversation too, as every sale results in two trees being planted. 


we invite you to reflect on your connection to nature, self and your wilder community. We hope our new collection inspires you as you to find yourself under an open dome of sky and in wide open spaces. 
With love,


Written by Denise Battany.



Pepe Havea - Model

Tess Leopold - Photographer

Cedar Purchase - HMU

Natalie & Lucia - Creative Direction, Styling & Video. 

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