About Us

 Pinky and Kamal is an Australian natural and sustainable movement wear and lifestyle label, hand-made and hand-dyed in Bali, Indonesia. Designed for women who enjoy moving freely, living simply and staying comfortable.


Brand Values

Below, we have written our 5 brand values.

These allow us to stay true to our goal of bringing insanely comfortable and beautiful yoga wear pieces to you in a sustainable and authentic way.

We hope you resonate with our values too!

1. Authenticity

"Listening to your gut instincts, having the courage to embrace your very own uniqueness and staying true to yourself."

We follow a no BS approach when it comes to our voice and practices. Our numero uno purpose is about making and sharing what feels right not only for us but for all the lovely ladies who support us.

2. Freedom

"Freedom to us is damn important. Freedom feels like; long naps, taking the time to smell flowers, enjoying a deliciously crafted coffee, dancing like a crazy person wherever and whenever you feel the need, taking time out for you and your soul and speaking your truth."

PK clothing is designed for you to feel free enough to move in any way you and your bod feel inclined to in that particular moment. So enjoy the feeling of freedom, and let it take you wherever your heart desires.

3. Flow

"Flow can mean many different things to many different folk. But to us, flow is; Feeling connected to your body, mind and the world around,  ease-fulness, fully immersing yourself, giving time and space for all the important things in your life."

Our clothing is designed to be ease-fully worn in many environments, whether that be on or off your yoga mat. We want our clothing to simply flow in with you and your own personal style, allowing you to feel comfort, freedom and ease in all environments.

4. Joy

"We don’t want to take ourselves to seriously in this life, and in every chance we get, we want to experience all the joys possible. To us, joy feels like; tears of happiness, bumping into one of your most treasured friends unexpectedly, endlessly couch cuddling your lover, practising gratitude, empowered choices & full body YES’S"

We want to emit feelings of joy through our voice and vision. We hope you feel the joy and happiness we aim to bring you!

5. Giving back

 "We are so thankful to have the opportunity to work with incredible women and men that help us to create products that are grown from mother nature. There fore, It is so important that we show our gratitude back to the environments that make PK possible."

We are currently joining forces with @onetreeplanted. This amazing non for profit organisation supports the planting of trees in areas of the world that need it the most. Each sale made = 1 tree planted in Australia's fire torn areas.


About the Creator of Pinky & Kamal


Howdy, my name is Nat, you may or may not have heard of me, so I will tell you a little about me and give you some insight into why I started up Pinky & Kamal. 

I come from a fashion design back ground, and back in early 2013 I began to delve into a yoga practice, and thank goodness that I did. Boy, has it shaped me as a human, and the life that I am leading now. Not only making me a more calmer human being, but allowing me to see experiences in a new light that I may not have seen previously them in before. 

I started Pinky & Kamal (named after two of my Bangladeshi friends), because of the need I felt to bring women yoga wear that was not made out 100% synthetic, shiny material, but to give them a more organic and comfortable experience on or off the mat. My vision was to create clothing that was so damn comfortable that it would be the first thing you wanted to put on in the morning and the last thing you wanted to take off at night. The fabrics had to be sustainable and my practices would have to be planet friendly. 

In 2016 we Launched a uni-sex range, and then began to fine tune to womens yoga wear. We are are loving the journey we have embarked on, and enjoy whole heartedly bringing you comfortable, natural and sustainable pieces which we hope you wear for years and years to come.