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We’ve curated a guide on how we plan to best BL✿✿M into the season this year along with some of our favourite brands and recipes :)

    1. Celebrate Anyone else feel perpetually inspired to bake all spring? Either way, open all the doors and windows baby, spring has finally sprung and it’s time to celebrate! One of our GO-TO spring bakes is this divine Lemon & Poppyseed Cake, Denise from CS likes to add lavender to it too. Get creative. 
    2. Spring Clean A little cliché but no less necessary, theres no better time then now to give your environment a big ol’ spring cleanse. We're curated a GROOVY playlist to accompany you on your spring clean!

    3. Let your wardrobe colour POP! Let the blooming of nature inspire your personal colour palette this spring season, we love watching the outfit colours begin to POP! Nat, founder of PK is absolutely loving these handmade vintage hats for colourful spring vibes paired with the new restocked Blue Move Crop or Sky Blue Tee.

    4. Eat local/seasonal (& eat honey) Eat locally and seasonally to feel your absolute best! Nature provides the exact vitamins & minerals we need for the season. If you suffer springtime allergies local honey is a beautiful antidote. Honey from your local farmers market is always best however, when we miss it this Organic Tasmanian Pure Honey is our go-to.
    5. Gather Outdoors Pull yourself and your besties out of winter hibernation! Gather with your community and soak in that spring air together over some good food and conversation. We've recently discovered these beautiful Local Ceramics that we plan to add to our outdoor decor this spring!

    6. Move Your Body Winter had you uninspired to get moving most days? We can resonate. Get out in that fragrant spring air and walk, run, dance, surf, hike or shake off the winter stagnation. It’s time to feel goooood. Shop our freshly restocked seamless active, for all your spring movements and adventures

    Most importantly, find beauty in the blooming! Let the cycles of nature and this new spring season inspire your own blooming, whatever that may be.

    With love, PK HQ.


Written by Denise Battany

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