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What is dopamine dressing?

The direct connection between colour and mood is something that has been delicately explored and researched throughout history, through psychological definition, this is what we have come to understand as “colour therapy” and the topic of discussion at PK HQ today, “Dopamine Dressing.”

In the fashion world, collections are generally created for and dropped alongside the seasons, spring/summer collections bloom with the colour injections our minds, hearts and wardrobes love during brighter and balmier days, while we tend to naturally reflect our environment by dressing a little darker and more neutral during the autumn/winter months. Whilst designers create collections they hope will resonate with us and be loved throughout all seasons, it is no secret that seasonal psychology comes into pay when designing and creating pieces you will love.

So, do the colours we wear really have an impact on our mood and is this something we should genuinely consider as we dress ourselves for the day? If the colours we choose to wear really set the tone for the day and have a positive impact on our mental wellbeing and how we feel about ourselves overall, then “dopamine dressing” is something we should truely consider—across all seasons and occasions. 

What is dopamine?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for regulating the pleasure centres of our brain, via the nervous system. This feel-good neurotransmitter is most notably involved in the pleasure we feel as a result of reinforcement or reward (like when shopping, for example), we have discussed this previously in another blog where we explored happiness hormones and how to boost them naturally.  

Colour therapy

Colour therapy is something that is being widely explored and some coloured lights are confirmed to have a certain effect on our mood and even our pain levels. Certain hues are now confirmed to have therapeutic qualities and some interpretations of colour are considered universal for example, lavender, light blue and light green tend to be calming, while warmer colours like yellow and orange are energising. 

We each give strong subconscious meaning to different colours, therefore we are influenced by "colour-coded" stimuli all day which effects how certain colours make us feel, but this is always personal and subjective. 


Explore our summer hues

PK Azure Blue

The PK Azure Blue, the hue of the season inspires determination and ambition to achieve great things, a sense of purpose in striving for goals. Azure Blue also symbolises a deep spiritual meaning across various cultural traditions and is often associated with inner peace, tranquility, the vastness of the sky, freedom and the exploration of limitless potential. 

PK Sea Green

Inspiring fluid movement in our fresh new “Sea Green” colour way with beige and baby blue (hues of the ocean and sky) contrast binding, in Colour therapy Sea Green conveys a sense of tranquility. Its balancing vibrations bring a sense of harmony and symbolises health, freshness, growth and vitality.

PK Italian Clay 

The PK Italian Clay is calming and nostalgic—designed to inspire your next coastal European vacay.  This colour also represents balance and harmony between the strong and soft feminine.


So, perhaps get out your paint or coloured pencils and play with the colours that make you feel calmest and happiest, you may just discover where your wardrobe could reflect and support you better.

With love, PK. 

        Written by Denise Battany

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