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How to maximise your health this summer.
It’s heating up, thank God. And, it’s the perfect time to focus on a health reset. 
The warmer months mean different foods are in season; you can enjoy different adventures; learn new movements; and engage in activities that would only terrify you in the cold (shout out to the brave surfers in their 20ml wetsuits). 
As we stretch out our limbs from their cold, foetal position and rejoice at the sensation of sunlight on our skin, it’s good to prioritise making the most of it. 
Summer can slip through our fingers faster than an ice cream on the beach, so we’ve been thinking about all the ways to make the most of it and set some goals that you’ll continue to benefit from when the cold comes to move the sun along again. 
Goal Setting

Whether you’re looking to eat healthier or move your body more, it all just feels that much easier in the warmer months. 

You can pull on your bike shorts and workout tops without then rushing to conceal it all with a woollen jumper and socks that climb all the way to your knees. Although, leg warmers are making a comeback, so let’s not be hasty. 

But what goals should we set for ourselves? Achievable ones. Of course. Don’t think that just because the sun is out that you can suddenly run a marathon and you’ll only be eating organic, raw food. We’re only human. 

Think about:

When we speak of setting goals, we need to think of things that will nourish our bodies, souls and our minds. Things that make you feel good, strong and empowered. 

The funnest part of summer is feeling like you have more time - and energy - to try something new.

New Movements

There’s just something about feeling energised in the sun. Your limbs call out to be stretched and you feel ready to get back into a fitness routine or to try something completely new. 

Some things we love to do all year, but especially in the warmer months are: 


  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Long walks
  • Surfing

Low-impact exercise that will help you see results - if that’s what you’re looking for - and nourish your soul. 

Another reason to get excited about starting a new class or engaging in a new activity is getting a new outfit. 

We love to hit the Pilates studio in our ribbed leggings. They help you feel long and lengthened, letting you get deeper in your movements. They’re tight which can help you very-much-together, even if your legs are shaking like a leaf. 

Dressing the part can give you that added oomph. It’s also important to wear materials that let you breathe and stretch out. That’s why, for Yoga, we love the Yin flare

Now, what about movement in the ocean? Let’s be honest, you travel abroad and you let someone know you’re Australian, they’re going to ask if you know how to surf. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could answer nonchalantly, proudly and, more importantly, truthfully with, ‘why, yes. Yes, I can.’

The sea is warmer and those beginner waves are easy to track across the coast of Australia. There’s a myth, with many things, that you need to start young, but we’re not looking to discover the next Kelly Slater. Surfing is amazing exercise, an incredible experience and it’s bloody fun.


Connect with others

Have you found that you’ve been hibernating under your duvet more in the cooler months? You’re not alone. 

People tend to be more sociable in the summer months, simply because the days feel longer and it’s nicer to be outside. 

You feel you have more time to put into your social circles such as your friends and family - it’s also nice to hang out with your friends in a situation that doesn’t just involve a dinner out or a couple of drinks. 

Your social hang outs can be on the more natural side: a beach day, a BBQ or even a hike. It’s the wholesome fun where you’ll catch yourself thinking, ‘whoa, I really am an adult now.’ 

Message your friend today and organise a completely wholesome activity outside. Your social calendar is going to be such a vibe.

Taking time for you

What do we mean by ‘me time?’ It can feel like there’s an onus on socialising in warmer weather, and while that’s important, you also need to make sure you’re recharging your social battery and putting your mind and soul as the first priority. 

A great way to do this is to start each morning with journaling and meditation. This might sound intense to a novice journaler or meditator, but you can start simple. 

Start by scribbling random thoughts onto a piece of paper, or in your notes app on your phone. The medium isn’t something to get hung up on; it’s about writing down what’s going on in your head. 

Whether it’s your stresses, your hopes, your ambitions, even your to-do list for the week ahead, it’s time to reflect on your life and it will help you compartmentalise your feelings. When everything is written out in front of you, it brings order to the chaos. 

If you place a notebook and pencil by your bed, you’ll be inclined to write in it once you wake up - rather than reaching for your phone - and you can even document your dreams. It’s a practice of mindfulness as well as thought organisation

Another way to practice mindfulness is, of course, meditation. Now, to someone who hasn’t officially meditated before, you can start by lying still and bringing focus to your breath. Do it for as long as you feel able to then, each time, try to stay still for a little longer. 

Keeping your eyes shut helps bring your awareness to your body and mind. Breathing in and out, slowly and deeply. 

Take a few minutes each morning, before your morning coffee, to breathe in and out. Focus on your breath and clear your mind. But, don’t worry. Even if your thoughts are racing and you can’t get to a stable state, even taking these few minutes is beneficial. Each day will be different. 

The key is to relax your body and mind. Nothing else. Shutting off is the goal. Oh, and keep that phone far away from you, we don’t want any notifications distracting you from getting to that peaceful place. 

 Looking Forward

When it comes to a change in season, we naturally want to commit to new goals. It feels like a well-needed shake up of our routine. Just don’t overload your schedule. There’s sometimes not enough time in the day to do it all, so set achievable and realistic goals. 

Whether you’re trying a new exercise or engaging in a new mindful practice, let us know if you’re wearing one of our sets. A new outfit can add a bit of pep to your step, too. 

Try something new this summer and focus on healthy changes. 

Get out there, girls. Summer will be gone in a blink of an eye. 


Love the team at P&K X


Written by Bailey Petts

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