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How to win at "no commitment days" for self-care

At PK HQ, we’ve consciously decided to try and become absolute winners at the “NO-COMMITMENT DAY” theory. What does this mean?

Avoid jam-packing our weekends with plans and instead block out a day once a week (or a month if that feels more achievable) where you decline all incoming plans and commitments for that day, without the guilt. We’ve discovered that this is a truely necessary practice of self-care for your mental, emotional and physical health.


To take action, we recommend scheduling in (don’t mind the irony) one day a week where you don’t schedule/plan the day within every inch of your life - if you have children, perhaps this is the day where you organise the baby sitter to give yourself the freedom. 

Taking “no commitment days” doesn’t mean that you have stay snuggled up in bed all day (but with the cool weather change incoming, that doesn’t sound too bad and might be just what the doctor ordered) but rather, allow for some spontaneity. Your only commitment should be to take the day at your own pace.


We encourage you to wait and see how you’re feeling on the day.. perhaps you wake up and decide that you don’t feel like being social and instead you’d like to take yourself out for a long walk or coffee date, leave the technology at home and take a book or journal instead. Catch up on some rest, bake a cake, hand-build with some clay, make a playlist—whatever, the day is yours to discover.

Perhaps the opposite is true and you find yourself feeling more social than ever, round up your girlfriends for a spontaneous cocktail date and boogie, is there anything better than a wild night on the town that you didn’t expect? 


These days, we can all agree that our schedules are far too tight, this allows for little room for true spontaneity and believe it or not can actually squash our creative potential. It is scientifically proven that being “bored” is incredibly necessary for our creative imagination and that our most creative ideas actually come to us when our brain is relaxed and “doing nothing.”

We don’t always nail it, we’re work driven entrepreneurs with boundaries issues when it comes to the creative force however, in discussion, we all agreed that “no-commitment days” actually enhance our overall productivity and creativity and help is to create as the best version of ourselves. 

With love, Team PK

                               Written by Denise Battany

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