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Meet Taryn from: Briwok Jewellery



 We took a moment to chat with the creative and talented Taryn; designer of Briwok Jewellery. 

Having moved from a snow covered ski town in Canada to a tiny island paradise in Australia, designer Taryn lives in what she calls an "eternal summer holiday". Taryn resides in Point Lookout on North Stradbroke Island, Australia with her partner and daughter. From here, Briwok continues to be hand made or assembled; by her, to order. This makes each piece unique and made with love just for you.  


1. What does movement mean to you and your lifestyle? 

Movement is a necessity! I workout daily to keep my mental health in check. I find running really fuels my creative spirit- and happiness in general.  

2. What makes you feel the most alive or the best version of yourself?

I love love love skiing and mountain biking but now that I live on Straddie those two activities aren’t an option. Getting outside with friends or playing on the beach with my daughter always fills my cup. 

3. What led you to create your jewellery brand?

My jewellery brand started as a way to cope with grief. When my friend Brianne (who the line is named after) passed away in college I really struggled. For a while. Making jewellery gave me something to focus on and feel good about. 

4. What form of ritual or self care do you practice?

Coffee in bed with my partner every morning. Sometimes it’s at 4:30 am before the gym but I love having that time with him and my daughter before our days take us in different directions. 

5. Where is the next place you are travelling to, any travel recs?

We were just in Canada visiting family so no trips too soon. My favourite place will always be Fernie BC, Canada and has been since I was 6! Such a beautiful magical place that holds so many happy memories for me. 

6. What are your favourite PK pieces from this collection? 

Ive been living in the fine ribbed shorts. They keep you tucked in but don’t cut in- which I love. I have my eyes on the Yin Flare for my next purchase!

7. Do you have any words of wisdom, a mantra or affirmation to share? 

I have a few prompts that keep me in check but one I always come back to is:


and in the words of the great Beyonce “always stay gracious”



Instagram : @briwokjewellery

Website: www.briwok.com


PK Campaign Visuals : Shot by Tess Leopold

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