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New Year, New Energy.


Energetically speaking, this is a very auspicious time and to some degree we all experience an energetic portal of hope, mysticism and magic as we collectively transition into a brand new year! We encourage you to utilise this energetic window so that you may set authentic intentions to manifest what you want to experience and most importantly, embody what you want to become in 2024. 

However, before you go ahead and set yourself some snap-of-the-fingers goals that you think might magically become possible because it’s *the first week of the new year * (we all know how that ends..) We encourage you to instead get clear on what you’re looking to embody and from there understand where can you put the work in energetically.

It is common to set new year resolutions but when doing so beware of superficial “goals,” and fast-made resolutions. Generally, these are not conducive with our authentic self and are not a natural inclination of we’re really looking to manifest/experience. These goals will rarely become reality if there is no clear, conscious and intentional work around them—be it physical, mental and/or energetic.

Over the years, we’ve learned not to over-complicate the process of intention setting and to instead keep things realistic and achievable. Focus on one or two areas in your life that you really want to work on and give energy to throughout the year.


Firstly, take pen to paper and reflect on your year just past.. what was the main vibe you brought to the energetic “table”? 

Then, ask yourself what the main energy that you would like to embody in the new year is.. some examples of this could be more love, more spaciousness, more playfulness, more adventure, more boundaries, more security, more self-esteem, more authority, more creativity, etc. 

Overall, energy flows where our attention goes, so set your energetic intention for the year with a word or a short phrase. This word or phrase, if it is authentic, will evoke a strong feeling of excitement, hope and curiosity in you! 

This word might come to you from writing your more tangible goals. For example, you might want to further explore your “creativity” in this new year, thus invite more creativity into all areas of your life, from your wardrobe, to your work space and even with something things that are as mundane as making a tea or organising the apps in your phone!

When you find your word remember that we generally cannot invite more of anything into our lives until we create space by letting go of what is no longer serving us. This intention is something you can constantly come back to throughout the year and remind yourself of why you’re doing what you're doing and why you might have the more tangible/finite goals in the first place. 

Thus, as we transition into this brand new year, we encourage you to take pen to paper and daydream—create space to imagine, hope and build excitement for what a new year might bring for you.

With love, PK. 

        Written by Denise Battany

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