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Rituals A Series : TRYBE WELLNESS
 Rituals A Series : The Shine sisters founders of  @Trybewellness 
 We took a moment to chat and shoot the beautiful Ruby & Saffron recently. During our time together we spoke of their wellness pursuits, what led them to establishing Trybe Wellness & Flow House, health recommendations for the PK team and  what ritual means to them.


“piano piano, Italian for slowly, slowly. Life isn’t meant to be rushed through, it's meant to be enjoyed for all the smallest moments.” 
Trybe Wellness  : @trybewellness
Visuals : Shot by Lucia, PK 
Location :  Byron Bay, NSW
1. What does movement mean to you and your lifestyle? 
Saffron: Movement has so many meanings for me. It grounds and brings me back into my body when I am far away in my thoughts and stresses. It allows me to enjoy nature & music
Ruby: Movement has been the only constant in my whole life. It's how I tune into my body, take time for myself and de-stress.
2. What makes you feel the most alive? or what makes you feel the most yourself?
S: Ooo travelling, cooking, connecting. Deep conversations. Learning new things 
R: Deep conversations, curiosity and learning new things. Exploring new places. Falling in love.
3. What led you to create Trybe Wellness? 
S: We both had difficult healing journeys that ultimately were healed by our Trybe toolbox technique. We want to show people how we did it, so they don't have to go through what we did trying to figure it out for themselves
R: We wanted to create a space we both needed, a place to feel understood, heard and supported.
4. What form of ritual or self care do you practice?
S: I travel a lot so as long as I am meditating in the morning, I can keep myself grounded and my nervous system regulated. I also love a chocolate croissant on a Sunday morning and reading in my bed - thats big self care for me 
R: My day is book ended with daily rituals and practices that shift and change based on my nervous system state and the season. Non negotiables are: Meditation, breathwork, movement, self massage and infrared saunas.
5.  What’s makes you feel the most yourself?
S: Cooking & enjoying meals with my loved ones. It just brings me back home to myself & fills me with joy 
R: There's a few versions of "myself" so this can be answered a few ways. Firstly hanging out with my sister, we have always been each others safe haven, it's relaxed and fun. When I'm helping someone else, I light up, I feel like Im living my purpose. And when I'm on a long walk by myself taking in the incredible nature we live in.
6. Your favourite PK piece from current collections?
The yoga sets. They are ridiculously comfortable. We live in them. Yoga, to the sauna, working, walking, everything - love! *Saffron and Ruby wear size XS 
Shop the yoga collection here
7. Where is the next place you are travelling to, any travel recs?

S: New York!!! I haven't been as an adult so will have to get back to you once I'm home.

R: I'm actually staying put for a while, while we work on lots of Trybe things. 

8.  Do you have any words of wisdom, a mantra or affirmation you live by to share?
S: My mantra is always the same... piano piano. Italian for slowly, slowly. For me it has been a big learning throughout my life that real change, big goals, healing, all get achieved little by little. Habit by habit. Learning by learning. Life isn’t meant to be rushed through, it's meant to be enjoyed for all the smallest moments.
R: Your life is made up of all the little things. Take notice of them.


Instagram : @trybewellness

Founders : Saffron & Ruby

Location : Byron Bay, NSW

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