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Rituals a series : YORE Studio

 Rituals a Series : the creative sister duo behind @yore____studio

Rituals for the PK team consists of; Taking time for meditation, filling our bodies with nourishing, healthy foods, reading a book a month, long walks in nature with sun on the face to assist the circadian cycle, ocean dips and reducing screen time & more social media free moments.

 We took a moment to chat to Alexa and Summer recently about their creative pursuits, what helps them feel the most alive and what ritual means to them.

“Live life your own way - don't let the opinions or pressures of others influence your path.” 

Creative Studio : Yore Studio

Visuals : Alexa & Summer, Yore Studio 

Location : Noosa, QLD

We created a playlist to inspire rituals and creating a space to slow down, listen while you read the answers from Yore Studio owners Alexa & Summer 

1. What does movement mean to you and your lifestyle? 

We think it is really important to listen to your own individual body when it comes to movement. Personally, we enjoy slow, mindful movement whether that be walking, stretching, pilates or yoga.
2. What makes you feel the most alive? or what makes you feel the most yourself?
At least 10 minutes of sunshine each day
Yummy fruits & veggies
Always seeing the good in things 
Coconut margaritas
Celebrating small wins 
Refreshing ocean swims 
3. What led you to create Yore Studio? 
We have always enjoyed creating in any form. At first, Yore Studio was more of a hobby and creative outlet for us that eventually turned into work.
We now create and sell art prints, jewellery & clothing through Yore and our brand @laze.res
It has also led us on our graphic design journey. We have had so many amazing design opportunities through Yore Studio and are so excited to share some new, exciting collaboration projects we have been working on in the last year.
We are really grateful for the like-minded community, opportunities and support that have come from creating Yore Studio. 
4. What form of ritual or self care do you practice?
Wild blueberry smoothie & practising gratitude everyday. 


5.  What’s your favourite PK piece from this collection?
*both Alexa and Summer wear a size small
6. Do you have any words of wisdom, a mantra or affirmation you live by to share?
Live life your own way - don't let the opinions or pressures of others influence your path. Be yourself, do what you want and don't take life too seriously.



Instagram: @yore____studio

Creators : Alexa & Summer

Location: Noosa, QLD 


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