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Notes from Nat, PK Founder & Designer.

PK is entering a new fabric space. I have been patiently sourcing the perfect fabric that does it all when it comes to movement, style & support. Comfort & using sustainable fabrics has always been at the forefront of my mind when creating movement-wear & this collection has been no exception. 

My passion is to create pieces that are not only functional but also highly influenced by trend forward concepts, a conscious society & the wonderful world of fashion. This collection was all about creating essential staples that you will never want to take off; without compromising on support & the utmost comfort.


We have focussed on neutral colours for high-rotational wear as well as transeasonal pairing. I have created styles that I myself, a movement motivated woman, would love to wear in and out of the studio.

It has taken us over one year to get these samples the way we wanted them, with many fit, fabric & colour adjustments along the way. The fabric has been tailored and custom made for Pinky & Kamal. We have worked hard to find the right weight, stretch & hand feel, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the way it has all come together.

Synergy Fabric

Our custom Synergy Fabric is a refined, velvety mid-weight compression fabric with long lasting elasticity, snapping back into shape with every wash. Designed to sculpt & smooth, we pair this fabric across our Synergy Collection with contouring seam detailing for an inherently flattering, feminine and functional silhouette.


I hope you adore this collection as much as we do and we are so honoured to present it to you.


With love,
Natalie Carusi

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