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We recently connected with friends, Jemma-Rae, Rylee & Sarah from AOU; modern yoga house, creative studio & HQ for 'all things rest' on the Sunny Coast. We explored the highs & lows that came with starting their own business as well as their favourite means of movement and meditation. 

1. What inspired you/ the team to create your business/space?
The inspiration to create AOU STUDIO was simple and felt so seamless when working together. The three of us had a close friendship and a natural passion and value on how important balance, mindfulness and yoga is in this modern day world. A space became available and our warehouse studio started to come to life. We envisioned simplicity, a clear space for the mind, large areas for movement and colours that had a balance between masculine and feminine. We wanted a space for all. 

2. Who or what has been your greatest muse or inspiration on this path?
We see inspiration everywhere, we’re ambitious and have a strong vision, we all laugh because we have our best ideas when we’re alone driving or taking a shower. 

3. What are some of the highs and lows you’ve experienced when starting your own business that surprised you? 
We all really thrive in the chaos, we knew coming into this it would be a huge learning curve and we wanted to learn! totally leaning into all challenges and having a good laugh along the way, having each other really helped make moments more light hearted, ultimately diving right in is the way and knowing there's always a solution.  

4. What is your favourite way to move your body?
Collectively moving our bodies can look different everyday for us. Exercise is how we ground ourselves, find inspiration and tune into each of our bodies. Whether it’s a long walk, yoga and meditation practice, bike class or pilates burn. 

5. How do you best calm your mind?
This can vary day-to-day and is entirely dependent on our mood. It could be having a laugh between us or with a friend, a quiet moment to self, a guided meditation and a stretch, sun on our face, the sound bowls, or a good walk on the beach. Whatever feels right at the time. 

6. What is a quote you (or the studio) love or live by, either in your own words or another?
We live for and reflect between each other on the small moments, the tiny gestures that exist but sometimes you can’t see.

•All the compliments that people have thought of you but never shared.
•Your tiny cells fighting together to keep you alive.

•How proud little you would be of the person you've become.
•You showing up in others' dreams.
•Your endless potential and power to create whatever your heart desires.
•People thinking of you and smiling


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