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Welcome to our new world - the rebrand

We revealed our new PK branding to the world this week, a project over a year in the making and very close to our hearts! A new logo and brand identity to mark our evolution in the active space and to signify that we’re moving with you when it comes to considered, trend-forward and functional movement-wear. 

A rebrand became an important catalyst for us to demonstrate in a big way how we have levelled up when it comes to fits, fabric and functionality and to remind you that we are always doing our best to be better. 

If you’re new here, Pinky & Kamal is an organically grown, female-led, Australian brand that has been shaping the active-wear scene for 8 years. Most admirably, PK was a one woman show until just a few years back (shoutout to our hero, our founder, Nat) but has since evolved into a small team of like minded individuals who are equally passionate about conscious fashion and functionally. 

We each bring our own narrative, creativity and visions to create a meaningful future both as a brand and in our personal lives and these moving parts/little pieces of us continue to come together to grow PK into the brand you have come to know and love.

As we put together our new identity and branding, we wanted to signify our progression within the active space whilst holding onto the essence and familiarity of PK as it has come to be known and loved. We will forever circle back to our founding promise to keep the active scene fun, interesting and inspiring and to create considered pieces that not only inspire movement but also ignite confidence, creativity and expression. 

We’d love to remind you that the PK piece you may come to hold in your hot little hand is the result of hours and hours work and a complete journey into inspiration, excitement, trial, error, failure, perseverance, patience, passion and most importantly, LOVE—the secret recipe that all small business owners understand, one that will always alchemise into something beautiful that can be shared with others. 

We’d also like to remind you that since day one, you have been co-creating the collections with us, as it is you, the PK woman, we have in mind when we bring each piece to life and it is your support and feedback that shapes the direction we take each collection. 

As we continue to move forward in our world, one that does not include fast fashion, we aim to include resonating collections for each and every one of you with pieces that you will have confidence in. We hope that you adore our new identity as much as we do and we are so honoured to present it to you!

With love,
Nat, Lucia & Denise.

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