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Where colour theory meets fashion

Can we use fashion to make us feel a certain way? The short answer is, yes. The idea of elevating your mood through your wardrobe is not new and we covered the trending topic of “Dopamine Dressing” recently by exploring the connection that our outfits can have on our state of mind / mood. 

At PK HQ, we truly believe in the simple importance of waking up everyday and deciding to dress in a way that brings us joy, inspiration, purpose and at the very least, boosts our mood for the day. We love to explore colour as it has long been understood that we all have psychological connections to certain colours.

We each give strong subconscious meaning to different colours and we are influenced by "colour-coded" stimuli all day, this effects how certain colours make us feel and our reaction is always personal and subjective.

To refresh your understanding, Dopamine is a feel-good neurotransmitter that is most notably responsible for causing us to feel pleasure. It is usually a reinforcement we feel when we reward ourselves with things like shopping, sex and yummy sugar-filled goodies.

When we are low in dopamine we can generally experience a lack of motivation and concentration. If you’re feeling this way, alongside professional care, you can begin to support yourself by adorning in brighter colours as brighter colours universally elicit positive emotions. 

Explore our winter hues..


The PK Sapphire blue represents the wide open spaces we may be lucky enough to find ourselves in; whether that be on our daily run under a familiar sky or exploring oceans far and wide. It represents the spirit of the PK woman, paired with a happy bright yellow that represents these moments that spark joy. 



The PK Fire Red is stimulating and invigorating; directly representing the fire in the belly of the movement-motivated woman. The PK woman has passion, love, excitement and perseverance. We see you and your purpose and we hope our Fire Red encourages you to keep going. 



The PK Eucalyptus is a breath of fresh air, representing our personal connection to nature. We hope when you wear this colour you will notice its calming and soothing effect. It symbolises growth, renewal and is associated with qualities such as harmony, balance, and a sense of security.

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