#Authenticme The Journey to Finding Ones Own Authenticity

A major reason we started PK was to make a positive impact in the fashion industry by using sustainable fabrics and practises where possible, helping the planet and educating the consumer too.

We feel as we grow, and gain a higher reach, that it is also our duty to use our messaging, models, and mood as to be a positive voice in helping embrace one's individuality, and feminine power.

“Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.”

Brené Brown

In the life of a modern day gal, the journey for finding your true feminine essence and being able to step into your power is usually one of pleasure and pain. Going through the many changes and thoughts of oneself to find our identity and who we want to be, what we want to represent and what feels true and right to us.

You look for inspiration to discover yourself everywhere. You find comfort online, living through many amazing souls on Instagram. 

You admire many influencers lives; their beautiful homes, lovers, and creative individuality. You aspire to be as many of these women; they connect with you on a soulful level. They understand you. You begin to feel like part of something bigger, with the help of these creative and authentic beings. 

On the other side of things... we have the apps that transform your waist into a minuscule little size, the photoshopping and filters that can basically change a face. Unhealthy and unnatural trends are flooding the scene. As women who are on their path of finding their true feminine essence, this can be a confusing maze and mess. These images of superficial content begin to have an influence on your own self-worth... Why don’t I look like this?

For many of us, we have felt disconnected and miss-understood, or have battled issues with self-confidence, weight or the way we look...and let's be honest here, this is not an uncommon occurrence. 

That is why It is up to us as young, free and influential beings of this important Instagram error, to be a voice for change, hope and encouragement. To help our mates and ourselves by showing our true authenticity.

How do I do this you may ask? Well, we have a few handy tips to help you battle the online BS so that you will get the most positive experience and feel refilled and inspired when scrolling through the gram, rather than deflated and discouraged.


  1. Unfollow pages/people that make you feel like poop.

  2. Support pages that you love to like. Are there some accounts that leave you feeling inspired and encouraged. You could even turn on that accounts post notifications so that they are going to be the first thing that pops up on your feed. Our fave pages that make us feel so good are @herwildwellness @ _______

  3.  Join the conversation! If there is something that is really speaking your language and playing on the heartstrings, let the account know about it, show some love, so they can return the lave straight back (because who doesn’t like a little loving)

  4. When posting an image, try and be your rad authentic self because people LOVE YOU and they want to support you being you!

  5. Use Instagram as a platform for creativity, inspiration and connection. Rather than judgement, comparison and negative feelings. Once you have filtered out all the negative BS, allow yourself to really get inspired to live your most authentic, fun and true life by connecting with the beautiful souls from all around the world.


Let's all help support one another be their true authentic selves. Let's embrace our stretch marks, love handles, big noses, small lips and ugly toes. To know it is ok to not be ok and that there is support in this space. 

Pinky and Kamal have created a champion called #authenticme which will be bringing some amazing folk together and creating an authentic voice, to reach as many women as possible who may be going through a personal self-acceptance battle and to show them it is ok to stand up for their true authenticity.

We will also be donating 10% of each sale from the ‘Flora set’ to the foundation [chariety] [explain charity]

We would love to positively after women's lives, change their perspective on their own self worth and confidence. 

If any of this speaks to you, we would love for you to be part of our champaign #authenticme

Do your bit by posting an image