Each Sale = 2 Tree Planted

Exciting Update: New Partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects!
At Pinky and Kamal, one of our brand values is ‘giving back’. A big way we have always done this is through supporting a tree planting initiative, where each sale made = one tree planted in parts of Indonesia including Bali and Kalmantan.
As our business has grown, we have reflected on how we can better give back to the environment and communities, without whom we wouldn’t be here – which brings us to an exciting update … We are SO excited to announce that we have entered a new partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, a non-profit organisation which fights deforestation and extreme poverty by employing people who live in impoverished communities to plant trees. 
Through this partnership, each online sale that Pinky & Kamal makes will result in two trees being planted in a corner of the globe where they are needed most! 
Keep reading for some more information about this exciting new partnership, and why it’s important to us. 
About Eden Reforestation Projects
Eden Reforestation Projects is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide employment to individuals living in poverty, and at the same time, fight deforestation. 
Practically, it does this by hiring local people in impoverished regions to grow, plant and guard trees that are native to the area. This model delivers a range of positive socio-economic and environmental benefits to local communities (e.g. ongoing employment opportunities, a fair wage, restoration of natural habitats). 
You might be thinking, what’s the link between deforestation and poverty? Well, deforestation can have a significant impact on poverty-stricken areas. Individuals living in these areas are often required to cut down trees for construction, fuel, heat and agricultural purposes. Unfortunately, there are many long-term negative effects of deforestation, including heightened risks of flooding and erosion (source: Eden Restoration Projects website). Therefore, it is essential that reforestation efforts benefit the local population (e.g. by offering ongoing employment opportunities).  
Since it began in 2004, Eden Reforestation Projects has planted over 485 million trees in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya and Central America. By 2025, it is hoping to plant at least 500 million trees each year. If you are interested in learning more about Eden Reforestation Projects’ mission, please visit their website
Why support a tree planting initiative?
There’s lots of reasons why supporting a tree planting initiative has always been a priority for our brand. 
Firstly, trees play an incredibly important role in our environment. Forests cover approximately 31% of the earth’s land area and are home to rich biodiversity. Trees can soak up carbon dioxide that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere and contribute to the greenhouse effect. They also remove pollutants from the air, and can even purify water (source: WWF website). Deforestation threatens these functions – that’s why tree planting initiatives and reforestation efforts are so important to preserve our ecosystems and mitigate climate change.
Another major reason why Pinky & Kamal supports tree planting initiatives is because our products are made from natural fibres produced by plants (e.g. organic cotton, hemp, bamboo). By contributing to reforestation efforts, we intend to honour and acknowledge the fact that our products would not exist without the earth’s resources. And what better way to do this than to partner with Eden Reforestation Projects!
Written by Greta W