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Ground yourself and Overcome Jetlag after your Travels


The freedom to explore as we had before seems to have been well and truely restored in 2023. It is no secret that as summer made it’s welcomed entrance into Europe so too did.. All of us! 

We’re no strangers to the ol’ travel bug, in fact, we all have a long-term case of it at PK HQ and in July alone, across our small team, we had the privilege of visiting Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Europe.

As we begin to return home from our Italian pasta making workshops and love affairs with gelato or, from wherever you ate, prayed and loved this year, we need to be well-prepared for a nourished returning. 

We’ve curated a simple and achievable guide based off how we’ve grounded ourselves in the past and managed to overcome the merciless jet-lag.

  1. Hydrate: First and foremost, hydrate. We know it is likely you’ve been basking in the sun, swimming in salt water and enjoying a cocktail or 3. We’re hopeful you’ve maintained the hydration in-between but we know that sometimes its hard to keep up! The plane environment is also very drying so start thinking about upping the hydration a few days before you’re set to board the flight home. 

    Hydration needs to come from water, yes, but it is most retained via foods that have a high water content. Opt for fruit for lunch and soupy foods for dinner where you can on those last few days. Ensure you take good quality skincare on board with you too, we’ve recently been bathing in Monsoon Skin Hydrating Serum before, during and after the flight to neutralise the drying effects for the plane air. 

  2. Sunlight: Within a 24-hour cycle, our body temperature, blood pressure, glucose and hormone levels fluctuate in response to our environment. All of which are influenced by our body’s natural rhythm, which is mostly linked to the light we take in through our eyes. To quell any sleep problems, get outside at sunrise for 15-30 minutes and ensure to get the early morning sun in your eyes. This helps to put your body clock and circadian rhythm in tune with your environment. The more sunlight you get in the mornings and afternoons on those first few days back, the quicker you’ll find balance. Walking barefoot in the grass, especially in the morning, is incredibly helpful for the circadian rhythm too

  3. Get Active:  You may find yourself feeling confused and over-tired, but at least you will look good in your new PK seamless activewear, hehe. It will most likely feel counter intuitive to push yourself into exercise however, it imperative to resetting your body’s natural rhythms. Even gentle exercise will tire you out during the day so by bedtime, you should be more than ready for a full nights sleep! On top of that nothing makes you feel better than getting the endorphins flowing, increasing your circulation and feeling strong. Not only will you feel physically better, sleep better but you'll in general be a happier human

  4. Melatonin: Melatonin is a hormone made naturally by the pineal gland in the brain in response to darkness. Taking melatonin at nighttime, if advised by your healthcare practitioner, can help combat sleep disorders like circadian dysrhythmia (aka jet lag.) Melatonin can help override the internal clock and activate nighttime behaviours in the body. 

  5. Essential oils Lastly, aromatherapy is one of the simplest and most natural ways to help your body re-adjust to your timezone. Like melatonin, lavender essential oil is useful at bedtime as it helps to deeply relax the mind and body. On the contrary, peppermint essential oil is useful throughout the day when you are struggling to stay awake. Peppermint essential oil is known to help to cut through brain fog, bring forth energy and promote alertness.  

    We hope this helps you to maintain that well-rested glow and creative inspiration you’ve restored on the coastal sun beds and in the inner city museums. Stay hydrated, stay active in your new PK activewear and most importantly, stay inspired.

With love,

Team PK. 


Written by Denise Battany

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