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Rituals a series : Club AMPM


Let us introduce our latest journal series, RITUALS
Rituals for us consists of; Taking time for meditation, filling our bodies with nourishing, healthy foods, reading a book a month, long walks in nature with sun on the face to assist the circadian cycle, ocean dips and reducing screen time & more social media free moments. We took a moment to chat to Club AMPM studio owners about owning a studio, why movement is so important and what ritual means to them.
We believe movement should be authentic to yourself and that it should be playful, enjoyable and most importantly, something that sparks joy. 
Studio : Club AMPM
Photography : Brigette Clark 
Stylist : Morgan Munday 
We created a playlist to inspire rituals and creating a space to slow down, listen while you read the answers from AMPM Studio Owners Han & Abby. 
1. What does movement mean to you and your lifestyle? 
The essential relationship between the body and the mind is at the heart of the CLUB. Discovering this connection and recognising that movement is about more than just the physical, is part of our 'why'. 

We believe movement should be authentic to yourself and that it should be playful, enjoyable and most importantly, something that sparks joy. 
2. What makes you feel the most alive? or what makes you feel the most yourself?
Han: The beach! There is honestly nothing better than salt water. I wish more than anything I was a little closer to water down here in Melbourne, however I take every opportunity I can get to sneak away to the beach, to refresh and reset. 
Abby: Having a boogie with my partner! Letting go of inhibitions, connecting to the music and to each other which sparks this unequivocal feeling of joy where time just seems to fly.
3. What led you to create a studio? Who is behind AMPM?
We created the CLUB simply because we want to make people feel good. 
It doesn't matter how many pilates studios there are out there, we just want to make people feel good! And if we can do that through the CLUB then we have achieved what we came here to do. We truly believe there is room for everyone in this industry and everyone is Welcome at the CLUB. Whether it be your mum, your dad or your sister's boyfriend’s second cousin we just want you to feel seen, heard and celebrated.  
4. What does ritual mean for you, what form of ritual or self care do you practice?
A ritual to us is anything that makes you feel more grounded in your daily life. 
Han: My rituals are skincare and reading! 
I have to wash my face in the morning to set myself up for the day. It honestly makes me feel a strong sense of calm before I head to the CLUB or anywhere for that matter. 
Reading is also a non-negotiable for me and something I do every night before bed to unwind from the day, allowing my mind to switch off and enter into rest. 
Abby: My morning ritual is like clockwork; Shower, skincare, make the bed, brekky. 
There's nothing more grounding than a homemade cup of oat latte with honey, and a slice of toast with vegemite and avo. Call me boring but I have the same breakfast everyday. 
Aside from it being delicious, I think I also enjoy the fact that it's one less decision I have to make for the day.
5. Where is the next place you are travelling to, any travel recs?
We are actually both off to Europe in the middle of the year as we both have friends getting married over there! Originally we felt a little overwhelmed by this, being a new business however we like to practice what we preach and strongly believe that everyone deserves a break and an opportunity to reset!
Han is also off to one of the Unyoked cabins in April for a cheeky getaway and this is a big recommendation of hers if you're looking for somewhere to get off the grid and spend time in nature. They have cabins all over Australia! 
6. What’s your favourite PK piece from this collection?
Abby: The V Neck Tank Top in Coral - love love LOVE!
7. Do you have any words of wisdom, a mantra or affirmation you live by to share?
Han: Don't sweat the small stuff because in the end it's all small stuff (this is also a book and if you haven't read it I cannot recommend it enough!)
Abby: Treat people how you would like to be treated :)



Club AMPM 

Instagram: @club.ampm

Location: Hawthorn East, VIC


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