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Practicing mindfulness with media

At PK HQ, we are a small team of creatives who are deeply inspired by the imaginative communities and innovative content we have access to via social media but we must admit.. we’re all a little too addicted to our smart phones and apps at times! 

So, as we move into the slower seasons we’re collectively making a conscious decision to create a healthier relationship with our devices and the apps! If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably had this conversation a million times, read a million blogs/articles and taken conscious steps to have a healthier relationship with your smart phone before but let’s face it, they are designed to be addictive and some of us (guilty) need constant reminding to have a well needed breather.

Firstly, before we totally rag on the socials let’s take a look at how it may be impacting our lives positively:


It creates opportunity for creativity and expression

No matter what your medium, these social media platforms and a lot of apps allow for the most creative outlet and most of the time with a vibrant creative and receptive community on the other end! It’s truely a special moment in time to be able to share our work, passions and connect in the way we do.

Social activism and awareness

Social media has truely emerged as a powerful tool for social activism—enabling us as a community to educate ourselves, raise awareness for important issues and advocate for social change!

So why do we need to remember to be mindful with it?

Attention disorders 

There have been several studies conducted on users of social media that have brought light to a growing epidemic of attention disorders, this has a lot to do with multitasking when consuming social media as well as information overload and the speed at which we can now digest information before we “thank you next” and onto the next thing..

Clinical FOMO

While social media does absolutely enrich our lives in so many ways, we all know it can absolutely impact our mental health negatively, when not used mindfully. Studies have linked excessive social media use with low-life-satisfaction, anxiety and depression. The constant exposure to highlight reels and carefully curated carousels can foster unrealistic expectations, leading to a major and unhealthy case of FOMO.

So with all that being said, here are 3 achievable ways to practice mindfulness with your media:

Avoid starting your day with social media

Take a little extra time to sip your coffee, journal or indulge in your self-care routine before you reach for your phone— if this is all your can consciously achieve, this is enough and such a mindful practice.

Turn off notifications

Unplug & Take social media breaks. For example, we’ve been following a few who are embracing the trend of 1 weekend a month off. We love this idea and aim to weave it in, but for now we’re maintaining our 1 “no commitment day” a week.

On that note: Practice “NO-COMMITMENT DAYS,” we have a whole post about this here.

Night Shift!

We recently learned of an handy iPhone feature that helps to protect our circadian rhythm by switching from blue light to warm light from sunrise to sunset. Here is how (sorry android peeps, we’re all iPhone girlies over here) to do it:

Go to Settings>Display & Brightness?Toggle on “Night Shift” & schedule from “sunset to sunrise”. Turn this on, put your phone down and read an old fashioned book or write poem, draw, give your self a face massage—whatever you desire but aim to prioritise time off you screen at night.


With love, PK HQ.

                 Written by Denise Battany

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