Born with a vision to embody the antidote to a sea of toxic fabrics monopolising the active-wear market, Pinky & Kamal is on a journey to turn the tides. 
Founded in 2015, Pinky & Kamal blend technical active-wear and ready-to-wear, to craft a new uniform for the modern day woman. Led by the belief that we all have a responsibility to create, buy and live consciously, Pinky & Kamal’s design intention extends beyond responding to seasonal trends. An ethos of integrated values is interwoven throughout the fabric of each collection.
Each Pinky & Kamal creation is deeply considered, designed to transcend age and physique. Every piece is intended to take on a unique and sacred form, as it stretches and moulds to the contours of your body – celebrating you, just as you are, in all your divinity. 
Pinky & Kamal’s devotion to crafting with organic and renewable materials that are kind to the body and Mother Earth, lie at the heart of their process, and is synonymous with the brand. Timeless and effortlessly fluid, Pinky & Kamal create active, leisure and life wear to move and breathe with you – beyond the yoga studio – and through this glorious journey of Life. 
More than creators of conscious threads, Pinky & Kamal is a space for representation, inclusivity and authenticity within the industry. By celebrating diversity, and highlighting infinite modes of beauty via their platforms, Pinky & Kamal are cultivating a progressive space for connection & community. 
We welcome you with open arms – just as you are, in all your divinity.


Enjoy the soft, stylish and supportive threads for your Active & Leisure Activites.