At Pinky & Kamal, we recognise our responsibility to live, work and play through a heightened consciousness, a profound understanding of how our actions impact the people & the planet. 

It is our responsibility to create, buy and live consciously. Our founding vision is to embody the antidote to a sea of toxic fabrics that monopolise the active wear market, and landfill. 

All that we are, and all that we create, is deeply rooted in an ethos of integrated values that anchor us to the vision. We strive to only craft with organic and renewable materials that are kind to the body and Mother Earth – a commitment that is at the heart of our process. We are deeply committed to working with nature – not against it, both within and outside the Pinky & Kamal business realm. 

While we aspire to operate as clean as possible, we are not there yet. Meaning, it is a journey – where at each step of the way we are re-evaluating, restructuring and evolving our framework of business, to minimise our impact. 
We invite you to come on this journey with us.
No. 2
More than active, leisure and life wear, Pinky & Kamal is a space for representation, inclusivity and authenticity within the industry.

Our deepest intention is to celebrate diversity, and illuminate infinite modes of beauty. 

This starts with our design ethos. We design collections to transcend age and physique, intending that each piece takes on its own unique and sacred form, as it stretches and moves to the contours of your body. 

We implore you to feel celebrated when wearing Pinky & Kamal – just as you are, in all your divinity. Our mission is to lead with humility and authenticity, and hold space for connection & community via our platform. Through the values we hold dear, we seek to connect, inspire, support and nurture others. 

Just as you are, in all your divinity.
No. 3
Movement - Born as a unisex yoga wear brand, movement is deeply rooted in our brand DNA.
At Pinky & Kamal, we believe movement – in all its manifests – has the power to enhance the quality of human experience.
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Movement pt.1
The sustainable fashion movement is here. The greatest chance we have of turning the tides lies in our consumer choices, we can no longer afford to give financial support to brands and businesses who don’t hold sustainability as a chief business focus. 

At Pinky & Kamal, we believe it is our responsibility to re-calibrate old business models, and journey towards a brighter and more sustainable future – an industry that operates in harmony with nature & people. It is truly a gift to be part of this movement.
Movement pt. 2
In late 2020, we felt a shift bubbling away under the surface. Continuing our aspirations for sustainability, we acknowledged our desire to evolve – to give Pinky & Kamal a life outside the yoga studio, and become more than yoga wear. 

With this, we stepped into a new power, introducing Pinky & Kamal active, leisure and life wear – a new uniform for the conscious minimalist.
Movement pt.3
Timeless and effortlessly fluid, Pinky & Kamal threads are designed to move and breathe with you – beyond the yoga studio – and through this glorious journey of Life.
No. 4
At Pinky and Kamal, our mission is to give back to culture, community & Mother Earth more than we take away. As our small business evolves, we reflect on how we can better our commitment to giving back and positive impact. 

Eden Reforestation Projects Partnership – 2021 As of 2021, we have entered a new partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, a non-profit organisation which fights deforestation and extreme poverty by employing people who live in impoverished communities to plant trees.

Practically, by hiring local people in impoverished regions to grow, plant and guard trees that are native to the area, this model delivers a range of positive socio- economic and environmental benefits to local communities. 

Through contributing to reforestation efforts, we intend to honour and acknowledge the fact that Pinky & Kamal would not exist without the earth’s resources.

IMPACT: Every online Pinky & Kamal sale = two trees being planted.

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