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Energetic Forecast for 2023

2022 in general was a bold year of trial and error bringing depth and meaning to our relationships, work and how we show up in the world. From what we’ve read, cross-referencing multiple channels, the common thread we discovered is that this year is to bring forth a somewhat lighter energy.

Things to think about:

  • Lighter energy, a softer year of reflection, less action, more embodiment

  • 2023, the year of The Rabbit. The Rabbit symbolises yin characteristics of longevity, peace, elegance and hope in Chinese culture.

  • Transition -  deep breaths and honesty

  • Reflect on the years that have passed for future choices

If 2022 was somewhat of a wild and colourful dream, as it was across our small team of women at PK, then we want to share our little remedy ritual for any transition.
Make time for a spacious morning or afternoon where you have no agenda or distractions, take yourself to your favourite place in nature (or anywhere where your nervous system can rest), and be sure to pack journal so that you can write, unedited. Get out all that needs to be written about your year just past, ask yourself if you’re happy dancing along the track you currently find yourself on or if you need to pivot, a little or a lot, there’s always time.
This transition calls for an honest look into which choices we are making out of love and which out of conflict or uncertainty. From the energetic forecasts we are confident that the fruits of your 2022 actions will begin to (softly) blossom in this year ahead.

Whilst we are not astrologists, numerologists or psychics, our sharing of the energetic forecast is in hopes that you may take it as gentle guide rather than a prediction.

One thing we are all experts in at PK HQ though is exploring ritual and daily practice and it is our promise that little rituals make for big impact. There has never been a better time to take a moment for you, slow down so that you may reflect on your journey and move with intention.

Your intentions, whether as you welcome a new year or on a casual Tuesday should nudge you into embodiment so that you may show up as the person you dream to be—a little more everyday.

Once again, as we lean full-heartedly into 2023, we might ask ourselves: what will bring us joy this year and what is it that we hope to experience?


            Written By Denise Battany 

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